Newville Little League provides a fall baseball program for all ages.  NLL along with most local Little Leagues, play in the Hamden Township or District 14 fall ball program.  Fall ball starts at the end of August and runs through October; most games are played on the weekends with practices through the week.  Fall ball is a great way for your son/daughter to sharpen their baseball skills and have fun in the process.

NLL is always looking for managers and coaches for the fall ball season.  No experience is necessary – only the will to teach kids the game of baseball and have fun at the games.  Wins and losses are not important during the fall season.  It’s to prepare the kids for the next level of baseball.

The registration is $50 per player.  There will be a mandatory sub/sandwich fundraiser of 20 sandwiches per family) or a $45 buyout.  Registration Deadline is July 15, 2021. 

Please or Register Online or fill out the Registration Form if your son/daughter is interested in participating in the fall ball program at Newville Little League.