MANDATORY Evaluations

Players age 5-12 will be evaluated on the following skills: hitting, running, fielding, catching and throwing. Returning players 12 or under who are returning to their Major division teams are exempt from the player evaluations.

Please make every effort to help us by bringing your child to one of two player evaluation dates. These evaluations help ensure proper placement based on age and ability level.

Evaluations are MANDATORY and will be held at Mt. Rock Elementary on February 8th and February 22nd from 3-4:30 for ages 5-6, 4:30-6 for ages 7-8 and 6-8 for ages 9 and up. If you are unable to attend these sessions, you must contact the Player Agent, Steve Gayman, to arrange an evaluation prior to February 22, 2020. He can be contacted at [email protected].

4 year old players do not have to be evaluated.

After evaluations, players will be placed in one of the following divisions based on age and/or ability:
Tee Ball (Instructional); Minor Divisions (P1 and P2); Major Division (Majors); Intermediate Division (50/70); Junior League; Senior League. Players age 5 & 6 who have played at least one regular season of Tee Ball may be drafted to play in the Minor P2 division only if the player evaluation results support the ability to play in that division. Some players may be eligible for more than one division (e.g. players may opt to play both Major AND Intermediate.) Please ask the Player Agent for more details.