If interested in an open Board position please reach out to any current Board Member or contact [email protected].

Board Meetings – Second Thursday of every month at 7:30 at the Newville Little League Complex.

Name Position Email
Bryan Henry President [email protected]
Mike Miller Vice President [email protected]
Jeanie Henry Secretary [email protected]
Michelle Baker Treasurer [email protected]
Jenn Kunkel Fundraising Coordinator [email protected]
Tosha Welker Education Officer [email protected]
Steven Gayman Player Agent [email protected]
Jesse Bortner Coaching Coordinator [email protected]
Chris Welker Major/Intermediate Coord.


Jenn Kunkel Concession Stand Manager [email protected]
Chris Lightner P2 Commissioner [email protected]
Mike Kiner Equipment Manager [email protected]
Averil Rhoades JR/SR Commissioner  
Tony Aragones Safety & Security Officer [email protected]
Lora Blessing P1 Commissioner [email protected]
Laura Brletich PR/Marketing Coordinator [email protected]
Dovelle Smith T-ball/Instructional Commissioner [email protected]
Roger Morrison Umpire Consultant [email protected]
Niki Miller Webmaster [email protected]
Jim Sturm Field Manager [email protected]
Name Board Member Term Email
Rick Griffie Board Member (20-23) [email protected]
Matt Kunkel Board Member (20-23) [email protected]
Justin Long Board Member (20-23) [email protected]
Lindsey Gayman Board Member (21-24) [email protected]
Greg Hoover Board Member (21-24)  
Mike Miller Board Member (21-24) [email protected]
Steven Gayman Board Member (22-25) [email protected]
Mike Kiner Board Member (22-25) [email protected]
Jesse Bortner Board Member (22-25) [email protected]